The Epicurean welcome motto

 “Stranger, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure.” The care-taker of that abode, a kindly host, will be ready for you; he will welcome you with barley-meal and serve you water also in abundance, with these words: “Have you not been well entertained?” “This garden,” he says, “does not whet your appetite; it quenches it. Nor does it make you more thirsty with every drink; it slakes the thirst by a natural cure, – a cure that demands no fee. This is the ‘pleasure’ in which I have grown old.”

Inscription at the entance of the Epicurean Garden


Author's Welcome note

Dear reader,

It is with a joyful heart and deep sense of responsibility that I offer the learnings in this book. I propose that you can live a pleasant life if you so choose. Furthermore, I submit to you that the insights of Epicurus are neither less relevant today than they were twenty-three centuries ago, nor are they more suitable to young than old. As the philosopher himself reminds us, it is “neither too early nor too late, when it comes to ensuring the health of soul.

Preface to the Second Edition

Five years since the first publication of the book and fifteen years since my first encounter with the Epicurean philosophy, I feel that the circumstances are ripe now to go through the second edition. There are several reasons that nourish my desire to improve the quality of the first edition: my accumulated personal experience from the application of the philosophy in everyday life; my continuous research on the Epicurean philosophy over the years; and the feedback I received from an ample number of reviewers of the first edition. All these reasons are powerful motives to present a comprehensive version of the Epicurean philosophy, shed light on the remaining dark areas, and lastly, address the reported weaknesses of the first edition.

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