The sensual pleasure

Sexuality is certainly the most enjoyable experience, after water and food. Like any pleasure, too much sex is harmful to our health.

There are ways to transform sexuality into a permanent enjoyable experience. We can for example give it variety, interest and a challenge. But sexuality really grows if it takes on a psychological dimension through romance, the sharing of emotions and promises.

A new dimension of sexuality is revealed when along with the physical pleasure and romance, there is also an interest between the sexual partners for the success of their personal goals.

However, in order to remain fresh it needs to be updated and reinforced with joint activities, such as traveling, reading, art, sports.

Love has significant benefits for mental and physical health.

Important also is the role of the flow of sex. There are no fixed criteria as to how often we should have sex, but if we have safe sex with stable partners, sex can benefit our health in many ways:

Sex relieves pain, fights depression, strengthens our relationship, helps the heart, improves immunity, facilitates sleep, relieves stress and lowers blood pressure, makes us slim, improves self-esteem, improves emotional health and memory, saves lives.

The appearance of sexual problems in the performance of men may be an early warning signal of other diseases.

Sex contributes to happiness more than money. Contrary to established beliefs more money does not bring more sex, say researchers of the economics of happiness.

Married people have 30% more sex than single people and that the higher the educational level of partners, the more positive the effect of sex is to their happiness.

People who consider themselves happy are usually richer in sexual activity. Sex is an antidepressant.

People suffering from depression have less sex and that the involuntarily celibate are often possessed by unpleasant feelings, anger, frustration, self-questioning, and depression for the missed opportunities of life without sex.

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