The pleasure of shelter

Having a shelter is a natural and necessary pleasure. We cannot live without it. However in the Epicurean mode of life fulfilling this instinctive desire is not enough to living happily. We should look for the type of shelter we like and enjoy living in. Choosing a house disregarding our feelings will eventually cause distress.

Based on our feelings, which house will we choose? Reason should evaluate the alternative options. It should predominantly take into account our real needs and our finances. We should no spend all our savings and disposable income on purchasing and repaying the mortgage of the house of our dreams. It is wise to leave adequate balances to satisfy other essential needs.

We should be very considerate in taking a mortgage to finance the purchase of the house because this way we lose our autonomy and run the risk of repaying it under volatile social and financial conditions. We should consider renting rather that purchasing a house not only due to financial considerations but also the flexibility of changing it when the conditions ask for it.

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