The pleasure of Nature

The activities in Nature offer a series of intense psychosomatic pleasures, combining the benefits of exercise and contact with Nature. This complementary combination of pleasure fills the mind with a wide variety of emotions, ranging from peace to enthusiasm.

Activities in Nature lead to increased physical and mental health. This positive link between Nature and health is so strong, that it is considered an effective strategy for better public health. Indeed many studies have shown that the symptoms of anxiety disappear faster through contact with Nature than with other standardized treatments.

One parameter of the experiences with Nature is its social aspect. The challenges that the activities in Nature include give many opportunities for the development of culture, comradeship and altruism.

Contact with Nature has positive effects on the syndromes of attention deficit and hyper-mobility of children.

Experiences in the wildlife create the sense that the world is enchanted, alive, united and meaningful.

The awareness of our Self as a part of Nature, feels charming, and being alive has meaning. Nature nurtures the sense that everyone is unique, and at the same time a part of the total.

In Nature we feel more familiar with our thoughts and feelings. We are calm, as we understand the impermanence and insignificance of daily concerns in the eternity distinguishing natural phenomena. We deepen in spiritual concepts and eternal processes; we raise our awareness of human values and spiritual meanings.

Nature alleviates pains, and emphasizes ability. It is the key that unlocks the possibilities and opens the way to physical, emotional and intellectual development and prosperity.

Working in Nature stimulates the senses. It is not only the sounds and the smells around us that cause euphoria; it is also the touch of the soil that tells its story.

Horticulture, agriculture and forestry increase the body’s resistance to diseases, improves self-confidence and self-esteem and enhances mental health.

Working in Nature gives opportunities for initiatives and  contributes to philosophizing.

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