The pleasure of food and taste

By nature we are attracted to tasty foods and drinks. However we cannot enjoy all due to a variety of reasons. Some are costly, affordable by few. Other, are harmful to health. To some we are getting addicted and become dependent on them. On the other hand we often have to follow a certain diet out of necessity or for health reasons.

Whatever the reason may be we should always introduce tasty recipes in our diet which are befitting our health and financial conditions. We should take control over our diet by withstanding the pressures from within as well as without.

Diet affects our thoughts, choices, decisions and mood, because about two thirds of the brain consists of fat. But while the brain requires equal amounts of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids our daily diet is deficient in unsaturated oils and omega-3 and it is necessary to supplement it with fish, nuts and green vegetables.

A healthy diet and the integration of physical activity in everyday life are the best recommendations to maintain good health and normal weight. The recommendations are known and classic: Restriction of fatty foods, a shift from the consumption of saturated fats to unsaturated, an increase in the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grain cereals, nuts, and limitation in the use of sugar and salt.

Reduction or avoidance of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and the increase in water consumption, vegetables, fruit and fish oils, have a positive impact on mental health. Also, some eating habits, such as eating regular meals and healthy snacks periodically are useful for a healthy diet.

Science is linking diet to mood. Indeed, many food nutrients have the same biochemical functions as modern drugs. Nutrient substances rich in antioxidants have the same properties as drugs do for the treatment of depression and dementia. Indeed, if we also add nutrients of other foods, we can utilize natural antibiotics, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and substances that fight obesity and diabetes.

The Epicureans, although accused of being prone to pleasures of the abdomen, supported the simple pleasant diet, but they did not refuse rich meals, when they were offered.

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