Haris DimitriadisBorn in Greece, Haris studied Mathematics at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki as well as Economics at the London School of Economics.

His career spanned the business and banking industries and has settled into retirement. Through climbing the corporate ladder he found it brought little peace of mind and turned his attention to the philosophy of Epicurus.

He has devoted the last decade of his life to studying, reconstructing and practicing the ancient Epicurean philosophy. Stunned by its effectiveness, he felt compelled to share his learnings with the world by publishing this very book in Greek three years ago.

With the publication of this English edition, he endeavors to disseminate the healing philosophy to the world in accordance with Epicurus’ own aspiration. Haris’ vision is to revive people’s interest in and practice of the comprehensive and practical philosophy of Epicurus and re-establish the “Epicurean Garden” in a contemporary context.

Haris lives a simple and pleasant life in Athens with his family and friends seeking peace of mind, freed by the anxieties and fears that the established philosophies of material welfare and religious faith declare.